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This model is designed especially for people who have a higher risk mobility issue and for wheelchair users. The armrests give the occupant a feeling of safety during the evacuation and can be used to help with transfer from a wheelchair and into the Escape-Chair.

The footrest gives greater support and improves the blood circulation. For example when the evacuee has to remain in the Escape-Chair® for a considerable time (in the refuge area or at the assembly point). We highly recommend a footrest for rescue from building with 5 floors or more.

The double ergonomic back support and anti-slide seating brings more comfort and stability for the evacuee. This model has a 2-height adjustable operating handle, which enables operation of this Escape-Chair for people varying in height.



The Escape-Chair CF is the most suitable solution for more personal evacuation of people with mobility issues and/or wheelchair users because of its additional features.


Demonstrations and advice
No two buildings are the same and no two situations are the same. Our expert product specialists will provide advice on evacuation concepts for your Organisation. We share the same passion in helping you to make the best choice, when it comes to investing in the right evacuation equipment. So before you order, why not contact us for some expert help!
  • 10Material (frame): Enameled aluminum
  • Light weight, easy to operate
  • Ready for use within a few seconds
  • Unfolding stand with wide wheel base for horizontal transport
  • Double ergonomic backrest
  • Gliding belt system in safe closed exchangeable cassette
  • Including fire retardant dust cover
  • Anti-slip on operating handle and lower bracket
  • Maximum carrying capacity: 225 kg
  • Maximum angle of stairs: 45 ̊
  • 2 height adjustable operating handle
  • Comfort seat
  • Footrest (Note: this serves as support and cannot carry the full weight of the evacuee)
  • Armrests
  • Head rest including immobilisation band
  • Padded (upholstered) headrest
  • Weight: ± 15 kg
  • Dimensions folded up (H x W x D): 116 x 57 x 21 cm
  • Warranty: 10 years (not including general wear and tear)
  • 5-language manual
  • Set wall hooks
  • Identity sign Escape-Chair
  • Optional: castors with brake (for stairs with angle 35° or less, the brake must be activated before evacuating down the stairs)




The Stand-Alone ALU is a free standing device with mounting brackets, so that the Escape-(Carry) Chair can be suspended.

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