Be prepared for an evacuation

As the nominated responsible person, it is your job to ensure that staff are trained in the use of evacuation equipment, in the workplace. Not only this, they need to have the confidence to assist a vulnerable colleague in a crisis and to help them to evacuate a building, regardless of it being as part of an annual fire drill or if it really is in an emergency.

Don’t put people at risk! Always ensure that training is carried out in their own building, using their own evacuation equipment. As the training is very site specific, there needs to be an assessment of the type of building, as well as its usage. Together with any awareness of staff/public issues that should have been identified or need to be identified.

Escape Mobility training is site-specific, so your staff are trained to use the evacuation equipment and powered stair climbers in their own building so that you know that it will fit into your own fire evacuation & people moving procedures.

We can offer you the following options:

Operator Training

A must-have inspiring and practical 2-hour training session for up to 6 people per group. So that people have enough confidence in being able to evacuate or move someone both in or out your building, safely!

Anything less than 2 hours will not give your staff the self-assurance to do it safely.

Course duration:

2 hours

Number of attendees per training session:

Maximum of 6 people

Cascade Training / Cascade PLUS

Cascade training is a practical 4-hour session for up to 6 people per group. We train your staff in being able to train other people to operate the equipment, as well as providing people handling techniques, so that use of the equipment can be done so with confidence and safety.

Why not add our Cascade PLUS session? Book us for the whole day and our trainer will provide inspirational training for trainers during the morning, then they are still around to provide support in your own Operator training session. Ready to jump in at any time.

Course duration:

4 hours

Number of attendees per training session:

Maximum of 6 people

All of our training sessions are certified for 2-years!

Refresher training and Combi-Maintenance & Training Plans are NOW available.