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People who are unable to leave their beds, must be evacuated during an emergency. One way of evacuation is an Escape-Sheet®. An Escape-Sheet® is permanently under the mattress and in an event of an emergency, the safety straps of the Escape-Sheet® are secured over the mattress and the patient. The patient is then secure and immobilized for safe horizontal and vertical evacuation down the stairs.

The Escape-Sheet® is an “A-label quality” product and produced in-house.

Our sheets are CE certified & TÜV NORD certified up to 250kg.

We guarantee the highest quality standards.

Made in the netherlands escape mobility company

BEST CHOICE FOR healthcare facilities

Escape-Sheet® is widely used by hospitals and healthcare facilities. Assists in moving a patient to a place of safety. Horizontally as well as vertically. Our sheets are water repellent, anti static and also available in a heat and flame resistant version.

How does an Escape-Sheet® work?

In an emergency, the strong safety belts are released from under the mattress. These safety belts are secured over the patient and the bedding. The Escape-Sheet® can then be pulled off the bed, along with the mattress and the person. This can be used in both horizontal and vertical evacuation.


The Escape-Sheet® models have 2 years manufacturers guarantee.


Escape-Sheet® models are CE certified and TÜV NORD certified up to 250kg.


Ideal for normal as well as steep and spiral staircases


Static -control (anti-static)


Hydro-Tec nanotechnologie (water repellent)


Ergonomic towing straps


Optional: Heat and flame-resistant version (HFR)


Optional: Towing straps available in 3 different colors (intuitive handling)

Escape-Chair evac chair evacuation
Escape-Mattress evacuation
Escape-Mattress evacuation
Escape-Mattress evacuation