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What is a suitable evacuation solution for schools and universities?

Are you prepared for an emergency in a school or university, such as a fire or a bomb alert? And do you keep in mind that in an emergency, the premises of a school must be evacuated quickly and safely? Students and teachers are probably unable to use the lifts, so stairs are the only solution to get down.

Most schools and universities are accessible to people with reduced mobility. It is difficult to bring these people into safety in the event of an emergency, because they are often dependent on the elevator.


Ensure that your general emergency evacuation plan (GEEP) and your personal emergency evacuation plan (PEEP) are up to date. Emergencies by definition are sudden events and the objective is to be prepared. Are you prepared to take that risk?


Escape Mobility Company developed high-quality evacuation equipment especially for emergency situations and evacuations from schools, colleges and universities. In this way you can evacuate wheelchair users and other students with reduced mobility quickly, safely and comfortably in the event of an emergency. In short: all students / teachers with a permanent or temporary limitation.
By using evacuation equipment your school, college or university is prepared for any kind of evacuation.

Evacuation of a school: types of equipment

With evacuation equipment, students, teachers and other people present in a school building can be evacuated quickly, safely and comfortably. This can be done horizontally or vertically – when necessary. Evacuation chairs are the most suitable for vertical evacuation. Horizontal evacuation can be done using evacuation mattresses, this can also be used to evacuate vertically.

Below you can read more about the use of the various evacuation solutions for schools, colleges and universities.

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Evacuation chairs help to ensure the safety of mobility-restricted people during an emergency situation. People who would benefit from evacuation chairs are not just people in wheelchairs. Less able or perhaps people suffering from short-term injury all need to be catered for, should an emergency evacuation occur. The evacuation chairs of Escape Mobility Company provide extra comfort for this vulnerable target group. The chairs can be equipped with a double ergonomic backrest, comfort seat, armrests and footrest. Moreover, our evacuation chair is also available in an electrically powered version. It is easy to use with: just one touch of a button you are ready to evacuate. Evacuation chairs are suitable for all stairs, except spiral stairs and stairs steeper than 40 degrees. Evacuation is possible with one person, but our advice is always to evacuate with two people.


Evacuation mattresses are suitable for all types of stairs. An evacuation with a mattress must always be done by 2 operators. Our experience is that people prefer to be evacuated in seated position than in lying position, but in some cases the use of an evacuation chair is just not possible. Our evacuation mattresses are then a very suitable alternative for both horizontal and vertical evacuation.


In many cases it is impossible to evacuate a complete school or university. In addition to vertical evacuation solutions, Escape Mobility Company also offers solutions to evacuate horizontally. This means that students are evacuated from fire compartment A to B on the same floor. Our evacuation solutions are compact and easy to store.

evacuation fire escape mobility company


Escape Mobility Company has more than 30 years of international experience in developing and offering evacuation solutions.
We always have a solution for your organisation, even in difficult situations or constructional barriers. In the mean time have a look at our huge list of references.

Maintenance evacuation equipment

To ensure an optimal condition of an evacuation chair, maintenance is required at least once a year. Any defects can be remedied in this way and the evacuation chair is always in a guaranteed ready-to-use condition. This allows evacuations, in a company or organisation, to proceed safely.

You can request free advice with our site survey, where we look for the most suitable evacuation concepts for your organisation.
In addition, we support staff with training courses and you can make use of one-off maintenance or maintenance agreements.

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