Evac chair

Evac Chair: moving vertically with evacuation chairs

Especially for emergency situations and evacuations, Escape Mobility Company designs high-quality evacuation chairs (or evac chairs). We help evacuate wheelchair users and other people with reduced mobility quickly, safely and comfortably from buildings.

Escape-Chair evac chair evacuation


Ensure that your general emergency evacuation plan (GEEP) and your personal emergency evacuation plan (PEEP) are up to date. Emergencies by definition are sudden events and the objective is to be prepared. Are you prepared to take that risk?

Evac Chair: easily operated

With an Evac chair (Escape-Chair) you can ensure that a person gets down staircase with ease and comfort. The chair is simple to use and ready within seconds. The unique sliding and braking system makes it easy to use the Evac Chair on different staircases. Our evacuation chairs are suitable for all staircases, except spiral staircases and ones steeper than 40 degrees.

Advantages of an Evac Chair

There are many advantages in using an Evac Chair (Escape-Chair). It is an indispensable tool for vertical evacuations because you don’t have to lift people, which complies with health and safety standards. The safety straps ensure that the person in the Evac Chair is secure and comfortable. The Evac Chair also never gets in the way, because it folds into a compact size after use.

From Evac Chair to Van Leeuwen Chair to Escape-Chair®

Since 1987 Escape Mobility Company (formerly Van Leeuwen Companies) has been a leader in the safe and comfortable evacuation of people from buildings. Herman van Leeuwen introduced a new method of evacuating people from buildings in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium, enabling people with mobility issues to be transported down staircases safely and quickly in an Evac+Chair.

Evacuation chairs were assembled and delivered under the previous name Trading Company H. van Leeuwen and later Van Leeuwen Companies. The company later changed its name to Escape Mobility Company. In 2003, new models of evacuation chairs were introduced under the name ‘Van Leeuwen evacuation chair’ and in 2006 Escape Mobility Company launched the Escape-Chair range of evacuation chairs. These newer models are designed to meet the changing needs of customers and adhere to the latest safety requirements. Escape products are developed in-house, enabling our research and development department to respond continuously to the wishes of our customers and any changes in the latest safety standards.

Escape-Chair evac chair evacuation

Always choose TÜV-approved equipment, such as the Escape-Chair from Escape Mobility Company.

Advantages of an Escape-Chair

  • Safe to use
    A person who is in the Evac Chair can not fall because the resistance of the gliding belts reduces the speed of the evacuation chair on the steps of the stairs. You can easily keep everything under control.
  • Low weight
    The Evac Chair doesn’t weigh very much and can be lifted with one hand, easily meeting the weight requirements of the Working Conditions Act.
  • Compact 
    With the included wall hooks you can easily hang the Evac Chair on the wall. The dust cover ensures that the chair stays clean and secure.
  • Agile as a wheelchair
    The base of the Evac Chair has swivel wheels. This ensures that you can maneuver well in tighter spaces.
  • Multiple options
    The evacuation chairs of Escape Mobility Company have several options to increase the comfort of the evacuee, such as a double ergonomic backrest, comfort seat, armrests, footrest and padded seat.


Our Escape-Chair is also available in a powered version. It is easy to use: with just one touch of a button you are ready to evacuate. A single operator can push the operating handle down in the direction of the stairs but for easier maneuverability we advise that an evacuation should be done by two people.


With an Escape-Carry Chair you can transport people through corridors and over staircases to safety in a sitting position. The big difference with the Escape-Chair is that you can also evacuate up staircases using the handles fitted to the sides.

Overview evacuation chairs

Escape-Chair evac chair evacuation
Escape-Chair evac chair evacuation
Escape-Chair evac chair evacuation
Escape-Chair evac chair evacuation