Article Number: 60020


The Stair Climber is an easy to use, portable wheelchair lift designed to attach under most manual wheelchairs. Stair Climber‘s powerful motor allows a small attendant to safely transport a larger passenger up and down stairways. Stair Climber is suitable for indoor or outdoor use in public buildings and private homes. An affordable and reliable portable access solution.

Attachement for special wheelchair
In combination with shoe attachment and multifunction clamp suitable for wheelchairs with folding detachable backrest, adjustable handle, hand brake lever or small wheelchairs 12 – 22 inch.



The Stair Climber SA-3 is a perfect daily solution for your mobility problem in a homely environment or a public building.

  • Ready to use within seconds
  • Carries 160 kg capacity up to 30 levels
  • Very less space needed to turn on small stair landings of 970 x 970 mm
  • Electromagnetic brakes
  • Possible to extend in width
  • Protective cover over tracks
  • Warning light for tipping moment
  • CE certified
Demonstrations and advice

No two buildings are the same and no two situations are the same. Our expert product specialists will provide advice on evacuation concepts for your Organisation. We share the same passion in helping you to make the best choice, when it comes to investing in the right evacuation equipment. So before you order, why not contact us for some expert help!

  • Dimensions: 1486 x 690 x 918 mm
  • Maximum load baring: 160 kg
  • Maximum stair gradient: 35°
  • Weight: ±65 kg
  • Using time when full charged: 2 hours
  • Motor: 210W
  • Battery: 2 x 6V / 20 Ah
  • CE certified
  • Delivery incl. manual


Stair climber SA-3 instruction