Evacuation mattress

WHAT`s an evacuation mattress?

Escape Mobility Company develops high-quality evacuation mattresses especially made for emergency situations for public buildings, hospitals and other healthcare institutions. Our evacuation mattresses are a suitable alternative for both horizontal and vertical evacuation and are being used when the evacuee can not be evacuated in a sitting position.


Evacuation-Mattress models are designed for individuals who would not be able to comfortably get into an evacuation chair, or where evacuation chairs may struggle. Evacuation mattresses (and evacuation sheets) are ideal for horizontal and/or vertical evacuation in medical centers and hospitals, as they cater for completed healthcare needs. Evacuation mattresses are suitable for all types of stairs (including spiral staircases). An evacuation with an evacuation mattress must always be done by two operators.

AS A drag mattress OVER THE GROUND

The Escape-Mattress can be used as drag mattresses on the ground. The operation is done by two persons by using the pull straps. All Escape-Mattress models are also equipped with carrying handles on the sides. As a result, they can also be used as carry mattress.

Proper training for the use of an evacuation mattress is necessary, but it helps to learn how to use the mattress quickly.


  • Easy to use
  • Speed of descent is determined by the operators
  • Compact and easy to store
  • Payload is 150 kg
  • Slower than an evacuation chair

Overview evacuation mattresses

Escape-Mattress evacuation
Escape-Mattress evacuation
Escape-Mattress evacuation
Escape-Mattress evacuation