escape-chair volt evac chair

Escape-Chair® VOLT instruction video

Jun 13, 2018

Showing how easy it is to evacuate a person UP and DOWN the stairs with the 100% electric powered Escape-Chair® VOLT

We are proud to announce that the instruction video of our latest product the Escape-Chair® VOLT is now available.

The Escape-Chair® VOLT is the POWERED solution to evacuate & rescue people to safety in a seated position up and/or down a flight of stairs. A simple procedure can make the Escape-Chair® VOLT fully functional within a few seconds.

The Escape-Chair® VOLT is operated by a self-explanatory control panel with display on the operating handle. After unfolding the Escape-Chair® VOLT it is immediately ready to use. A single operator can push the operating handle down in the direction of the stairs.

Are you more curious now on how exactly to operate our Escape-Chair® VOLT?

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