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Eight dead in fire in nursing home for people with disabilities

Jan 21, 2020

In a fire in a nursing home for people with disabilities, eight people lost their lives in the Czech Republic on the border with Germany. Four residents were seriously injured, one of them life-threatening, said a spokesman for the emergency services. About 25 other people were slightly injured. Many residents of the house named “Kavkaz” (Caucasus) suffered from smoke poisoning.

The fire, which quickly spread to three rooms, was extinguished in the course of January 19. It had broken out early in the morning in the nursing home in the small town of Vejprty due to an unknown cause.

The victims were people with intellectual and multiple disabilities. The emergency services called out a major alarm. According to the spokesman, in addition to seven Czech ambulances, two vehicles from the German Red Cross arrived in Annaberg-Buchholz, Saxony, at the scene of the accident. A helicopter could not take off due to the bad weather conditions.

It is obvious that all care homes should be equipped with evacuation equipment to prevent as much casualties as possible.


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