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Cooperation between Escape Mobility and Polish Accessibility foundation

Jun 7, 2019

Escape Mobility Company is proud to announce a cooperation with Poland Without Barriers Foundation:

a non-governmental organisation established in 2012 that deals with consulting, advising and finding solutions for accessibility for all people. They conduct architectural, transport and communication audits, leading accessible CSR and HR practice. Through conduct training and workshops on the accessibility of space, buildings, products and services, they have got the possibility of universalize the idea of universal design.

The name of the Foundation is also the main goal – mission and vision – of all our activities. They work on barrier removal and provide access for all, despite the one’s personal features and limitations. Confidence that both architectural barriers and those in human minds should be eliminate every day is the reason of their activity. Since believe that everyone has the right to equal treatment, we promote changes which may include people with disabilities in the mainstream of social and cultural life.

In their opinion, partnership and cooperation is a cause for pride – together, they are able to do more and better. Therefore they make agreements and cooperate with people and organizations that are close to their goal: Poland without barriers.

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