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Your cargo buddy for going up or down the stairs

You want to make sure that your employees stay far away from back problems? The CaergoMaster CC160/CC200 makes sure they do…

The CargoMaster CC160/200 is applicable on virtually all types of stairs, inside as well as outside. It is particularly and versatile.

Easy handling and light weight makes this product the best solution for getting your “cargo” over the stairs without causing back problems for you or your staff.

The CargoMaster system is a perfect daily solution for solving your daily cargo challenges.


Advantages CargoMaster systems:

  • Soft touching down
  • 160kg or 200kg pay load
  • Comfortable climbing
  • Also suitable for high quality loads
  • Low vibration climbing
  • With integrated battery display
  • Can be turned on at all times
  • Made in Germany
Demonstrations and advice

No two buildings are the same and no two situations are the same. Our expert product specialists will provide advice on evacuation concepts for your Organisation. We share the same passion in helping you to make the best choice, when it comes to investing in the right evacuation equipment. So before you order, why not contact us for some expert help!

  • Height: 1065-1490mm
  • Max weight of the load: 160 KG
  • Max height of step: 210-225mm
  • Motor: 24V
  • Batteries: 2 x 12V / 5 Ah
  • Weight: ±28 KG
  • CE certified
  • Delivery incl. manual


Cargomaster CC- series

Cargomaster CC- series

Cargomaster CC- series